Before and After

Before and After

Before and After

Happy face and nice and clean after a bath and trim!

These are a before during and after of a labradoodle.

Can’t stress enough how brushing once a day can make for a happy pet and happy groomers!!

Smallest client and the most adorable at 4 pounds! She’s such a little love!

I told my husband not to let him lay down after a full groom. But the dog wasn’t going to pass up a free belly rub!

Biewer Yorkie. Aka German Yorkie. Love the colors and what a cute face!! Lovely dog.

This is ‘Boston’ he’s a Scottish terrier! Whenever we see him he act so funny. Talks to us gives us his belly to scratch. But the funny part is that he likes to roll in the grass after his grooming.

These two love Pixie Willows Mobile Pet Spa. They can’t decide who will go first. I love my clients and their dogs!!

Boston singing our praises!! He wasn’t quite finished but he thought he was!!